Ayrshire Alps Strava Club
Unofficial Group

An unofficial Strava Club “for all cyclists who frequent the Ayrshire Alps” has been set

up. This has been created independently of the Ayrshire Alps team. You can find the group on Strava.

Let’s Ride

One of the beauties of the Ayrshire Alps is the network of quiet hill roads criss-crossing the area where you can hope to see a car every half-hour! But for those not confident in riding alone, monthly led-rides will depart from the village centres by trained ride leaders. The Ayrshire Alps Cycle Resort will meet the requirements of the accredited ‘Let’s Ride’ programme.

Road School

Developed by members of the local Ayr Roads Cycling Club, road school is the ideal introduction to road cycling. Aimed at juniors and novices, this six session development programme focuses on skills and confidence. By the end of the programme participants will be able to:
  • Form a chain gang and ride in a bunch
  • Carry out road side repair
  • Sample racing
  • Improve their technique and climbing style
  • Graduate to club runs
For more information visit www.ayrburners.org

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